Falcon 1K

Welcome to the 2015 Falcon 1K

11/1 Update:

Thank you to everyone for supporting the inaugural year of the Falcon 1K. Together, we raised nearly $26,000. If you have not donated, then we will graciously accept additional donations throughout the year.

This is the inaugural year of an experimental home-grown fundraising initiative. Scheduled for Oct 8, the Falcon 1K is a fitness-based fundraising campaign that allows your children to have a day of fun and fitness while supporting the school.

This year's goal is to earn no less than $30,000, but based on the past few years of fundraising with other sources there's no reason why we can't break $40K. Between September 28 and October 16, we will provide regular status. Our success is contingent on everyone's support -- both financial and as a volunteer. Please help the best you can.

Thank you very much.

--The PTA Board and Falcon 1K Committee