Committee Chair Descriptions

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After-school Sports: The chair coordinates after-school sports clubs such as Basketball and Baseball to include implementation of the programs and organizing volunteers. The chairperson secures the time and location for each class through the school office.

Art Aides: The chair coordinates parent volunteers to assist the school’s art teacher during art classes, and also helps with Artists’ and Authors’ Night. Good job that can be done at home.

Assemblies: The chair/committee researches and secures various artists to perform at school-wide assemblies throughout the year. This process is coordinated with Fairview teachers to ensure the performances are related to classroom studies. While the focus may change from one school year to the next, the objective remains to encourage students to enjoy and participate in the arts by providing opportunities for art, music, as well as other forms of creative expression, with special attention given to ensure a culturally diverse selection of programs.

Before and After-school Programs: Volunteers coordinates after school enrichment classes such as Hallaballoo, Lego League, Joy of Dance, Chess Club, Karate, etc... The chair secures the time and location for each class through the school office. Some programs may require implementation of the program and organization of volunteers.

Bylaws: The Bylaws Committee helps maintain Fairview Elementary PTA’s “good standing” status by insuring compliance with bylaws; bylaws are current within the 5-year period; and that required revisions and amendments are prepared and submitted for approval to Virginia PTA following procedures found in their bylaws under the Article titled, “Bylaws Revisions and Amendments”.

Finance/ Audit Committee: The PTA Finance Committee is responsible for performing an audit of the PTA’s financial books at the end of the year or any time a new treasurer takes over.

FLEX: Help organize after school foreign language program.

Fundraising - Boosterthon: The chair serves as the primary point of contact for the Boosterthon Team and helps to promote the Boosterthon Fun Run to the entire school via posters, flyers, and morning announcements. Coordinates volunteers as needed for collecting and counting donations at the end of the event.

Fundraising - Box Tops: The chair promotes and facilitates all label programs, such as Box Tops 4 Education program. Encourage families to utilize the Box Tops website and cut Box Tops For Education. Coordinates volunteers to collect and count Box Tops from each classroom. This program requires an early start in the school year.

Fundraising - Community Programs: The chair/committee promotes and facilitates the successful execution of all community programs, such as Giant and Safeway receipt programs, and the Target Credit Card promotion. These programs require an early start in the school year as they typically yield a sizable income for the PTA. Good job that can be done at home.

Fundraising - Entertainment Books: The chair/committee promotes and facilitates the successful execution of this fundraiser for Fairview. The coordinator will distribute and collect the books that are not sold, and tabulate sales. This program requires a proposal to be submitted in late August or early September.

GRACE Art In The School: At the beginning of each year the Coordinators receive training and a training manual which has been developed to answer any questions and provide an outline of the program. Additional resources are provided through a website specifically for Coordinators. Additionally, Coordinators find volunteers from each classroom to act as GRACE Art Docents, who will present the art appreciation portfolios. The presentation consists of a 15-20 minute open discussion with the children about the artist or subject, followed by a 45 minute art activity designed to enhance what the children have learned in their discussion.

Grounds Beautification: The chair/committee has primary responsibility for overseeing and coordinating school landscape initiatives, and maintaining the school entrances with appropriate seasonal plantings. Works closely with the Learning Gardens Committee Chair.

Health& Safety - Clinics: The chair/committee assists the school nurse in staffing the clinic with volunteers and organizing the annual health screening activities to include vision/hearing testing as well as lice checks.

Health& Safety - Events: The chair coordinates with the Fairview Physical Education teachers for Jump Rope for Heart, the annual spring field days and other health awareness events.

Hospitality: The chair/committee promotes the spirit of friendliness and cooperation within the Fairview community. It provides support to welcoming functions of the school and shows appreciation to Fairview volunteers. Additionally, this committee will provide or coordinate refreshments for special events, such as Winter Sing Along, Reflections Awards, etc.

Innovation and Invention Fair: The objectives of the I&I fair are to acquaint students with the creative problem solving process and collaborative brainstorming techniques. It teaches students to think in new ways and have fun coming up with ideas and implementing them. The chair/committee promotes and coordinates the Fair. This is not necessarily an annual event at Fairview and is at the discretion of the PTA board and the school administration.

Kindergarten Events: The chair/committee coordinates three events to include Kindergarten Open House, and K-1 Parents Coffee in the fall, and Kindergarten Orientation in the spring.

Learning Gardens: The goal of the Learning Gardens project is to bring students closer to nature through gardening that is tied directly to grade-level curricula. This project shows students how they can and do directly affect the environment around them. The primary emphasis of the Learning Garden is enhancing the students’ science curriculum, but the gardens can be used as a resource across all subjects. The chair coordinates volunteers, plans maintenance and oversees grade-level coordinators.

Library Aides: The chair coordinates parent volunteers to provide daily support to the school librarian, and supplemental support during one or two book fairs during the school year, in November and April. Good job that can be done at home.

Lost & Found: Sorts Lost and Found items monthly and donates unclaimed items.

Marquee: Coordinates volunteers to update the school sign once or twice per month.

Membership: The chair/committee promotes and facilitates the enrollment of parents, teachers, and other staff and community members in the PTA. Duties include the effective management of the annual membership drive, collecting annual dues, and establishing a membership list. For each membership drive, develop letter for Franklin Falcon, stamping membership envelopes for distribution, collecting envelopes, recording membership names for printing at later date in bulletin. Collect, count, and deposit money with financial secretary. Develop bulletin notices to list and thank all paid members. Coordinate with Student Directory Chairperson if combined with the distribution of the student directory. Good job that can be done at home.

Nominations Committee: The committee is charged with searching, screening and evaluating individuals and nominating candidates for the Offices of; President, Vice President(s), Secretary, and Treasurer.

Packet Stuffing: The chairperson coordinates volunteers to help collect flyers and stuff packets for the first day of school. Requires commitment the last week in August.

Patrol Parents: The chair/committee assists the Patrol Leader/Teacher with hot cocoa days and small-scale fundraisers to support patrol needs and camps.

Recycling: The chair promotes and facilitates recycling programs throughout the school. Primarily manages the recycling program in the school cafeteria. Organizes recycling monitors to assist at the beginning of the year and train student “recycling rangers” to take over monitoring throughout the year. Works closely with the school Eco Committee Chair.

Reflections: The chair/committee promotes and coordinates the annual program to ensure timely and organized submission of contest entries, secures appropriate judges, and arranges a recognition event at Fairview. The Reflections program provides an opportunity for students to use their creative talents to express themselves through their own original work in six creative arts categories to include visual arts, literature, musical composition, photography, film/video production, and dance/choreography.

Room Parents: The chair/committee promotes and coordinates room parents for each Fairview classroom, to provide support to classroom teachers and facilitate communications throughout the school. This includes holding an orientation meeting in the fall, and providing a personal welcome to each new Fairview family. Must work closely with the Teacher Appreciation Committee Chair.

School Supply Kits: The School Supply Kit chair is responsible for submitting the school supply list by grade to Educational Products, Inc. (EPI) in order to obtain a quote. They approve the contents of the packs, promote the sale of the kits, submit the final order and arrange for delivery and distribution during the next open house.

Social Activities - Fall Family Night: The chair/committee promotes and coordinates an evening of entertainment, games, and food, to promote school spirit and enjoyment.

Social Activities - Spring Family Night: The chair/committee promotes and coordinates an afternoon of family fun in the form of a spring family night. This event may include the services of a local restaurant/caterer, DJ, and amusements.

Social and Family Outreach: The chair/committee manages monthly community service activities with the Student Council. These may include fall and/or spring food drives; Warm Hands, Warm Heart or hat/scarf/mitten/sock drive. The committee also maintains the clothing and school supply cabinets for the guidance counselors

Special Needs: Volunteers for Understanding Friends and Autism Awareness Week.

Spirit Wear: The chair/committee has the mission of promoting school spirit at Fairview by obtaining design approval for a line of Fairview clothing and for selling these at various events throughout the school year. It is important to obtain a selection of products early on in the school year.

Student Directory: The chair/committee promotes and coordinates the production of the annual PTA Student Directory. This may entail conducting a black ink student art contest for use on the cover, or substituting a school photo or illustration. Compile data collected from the PTA President, Room Parent Chairperson, Community Care Chairperson, and the school Secretary to compose school directory. Work with PTA President and school Secretary for any changes in content or format. Arrange for professional printer (that you choose) to have materials printed and collated. The Student Directory Chairperson also distributes the directory to the families using labels printed by the school Secretary. Coordinate with Membership Chairperson if combined with membership enrollment.

Teacher & Staff Appreciation: The chair/committee is responsible for proposing, promoting and implementing PTA sponsored appreciation events during the school year to include Bus Drivers, Cafeteria Workers, Counselors, Custodians, Librarians, Nurse, Secretaries, Teachers, and Principal and Assistant Principal. The emphasis is on the children learning to express their appreciation.

Thanksgiving Luncheon: The chair/committee manages the promotion and planning of this school sponsored family luncheon. To include organizing volunteers to assist during the lunch.

Volunteer Coordinator: The chair/committee will serve as the link between the local PTA and the Fairview community by coordinating a match for identified volunteers and their skills with areas of need. The coordinator also maintains a roster of volunteers to coordinate with committee chairpersons. Good job that can be done at home.

Watch D.O.G.S. (Dads of Great Students): Promotes father figures in the school. The chair maintains the schedule and assists with any events. Good job that can be done at home.

Webmaster: The chairperson focuses on utilizing all avenues of communications to help strengthen the visibility of the PTA to the general public. Avenues of communication include the Fairview PTA website, Facebook Page, Email Blasts, Newsletter, and other Community Announcements. Helps to promote PTA initiatives, activities and events to its members. Good job that can be done at home.

Yearbook: Chairperson manages photography, creation and layout of the school yearbook for publishing. Collects orders and manages distribution of yearbook in May or June.